Bird & Flower

Fresh from oven…My 2nd hand painted ceramic platter. Is this good enough to be auction as a collectable art piece?

Seafood & Tofu Soup @ My Home Kitchen

Having a sore throat at the moment… On a cold cold near winter night… Made this soup to soothe my throat & warm my family hearts. What dish would you cook on a cold night or when you are unwell?

Billu @ Sydney

Billu @ Sydney Wonderful dinner experience at Billu Indian restaurant @ Harris Park (Sydney). Great friends & great dishes what one could ask for more? Showcasing some dish that Billu serves… Enjoy!

Early Mother’s Day Gift from Sons

I am the happiest mum in the world to receive an early hand-painted painting from my lovely sons. They are so wonderful & thoughtful. The painting – priceless Love – priceless Thoughts – priceless

Tea Infused in Braised Pork Belly

Tea Infused in Braised Pork Belly Today, I’m trying to experiment a new dish “Tea Infused in Braised Pork Belly”. Not sure what gives me the inspiration nor how it’s gonna taste, as it’s currently brewing & braising. As everyone is aware pork belly is a very fatty piece of delicious meat. I was wondering……